1) Submit all the Documents along with the Government Application Fees
Will be processed and within 8 to 10 months there will be either call for an Interview or
will be accepted without an Interview.
Then if selected, will have time to pay the Fund within 3 months.
After the full payment, will receive the SELECTION CERTIFICATE (CSQ).

2) Then file will be submitted for the Federal processing of Security Clearance. At this point
need Police Certificate from Home country as well as any country lived for 6 month or
After having Security Clearance,

3) Letter will be issued for Medical Test, which will be done at home country (With
Canadian Panel Doctor) and as soon as the result is done (and if no problem with the
result) letter will be received to submit the Original Passport (no government or
diplomatic passport) to get the Visa stamp. The visa will be valid for 1 year (from the
date of Medical done) and have to Land in Canada within the Visa Validity.
As soon as Land in Canada, become Permanent Resident, enjoy all the facilities except
few, comparing with the Citizen.