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Best Institute for CELBAN Preparation


CELBAN*is a four module English assessment test that is required for International nurses in Canada. It is accepted by all licensing bodies all over Canada. It is specially designed in Canada.

In this four module test in which reading, writing, listening and speaking abilities of a student are accessed individually.
The CELBAN test is designed in Canada, especially for nurses by Canadian Language Benchmark an is entirely from the medical background. The Nurses feel comfortable to take the test as it requires the test of English proficiency for medical report writing, medical vocabulary and interaction with patients for treatment. Reading section may include reading topics as Diabetes, Rabies etc. Similarly Listening section has video and audio scenes like bed shift report, communication between nurse and doctor, patient and nurse, etc. Speaking section has role plays for history taking and giving discharge instructions to the patient. The writing section is the easiest one where you have to write an incident report and filling an entry form of a patient. All questions in reading and listening modules have only one type; multiple choice questions. 




CELBAN is one of two tests accepted by nursing licensing bodies across Canada as evidence of language proficiency for licensure. If you completed your nursing education in another country and English is a second or additional language for you, you may consider taking the CELBAN.

CELBAN is a task-based evaluation of those four communication skills. This means that you are tested on your ability to use the English language to accomplish communication tasks.

Examples of communication tasks:

  • Giving instructions to a patient
  • Completing a form

CELBAN scores align with the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB), a descriptive scale of communicative proficiency in English as a second language.


Benefits of CELBAN

The CELBAN provides a realistic measure of the language skills required to work as a nurse in a Canadian workplace. Unlike other language assessments, CELBAN tasks are occupation specific. Nurses are assessed on their communication skills using tasks that are familiar to nursing practice. These include:

  • Giving instructions
  • Asking for information
  • Explaining

Along with their test scores, candidates receive feedback on their strengths and weaknesses so they know what areas they need to work on



There are two parts to CELBAN:

1.        Group Test (3 hours) – Listening, writing and reading tests

2.        Speaking Test (20 to 30 minutes) – Interview and role-play

Once you register for CELBAN, you will receive a confirmation email that lists the date and time for your group test and your speaking test. They are not always on the same day, so play close attention to the dates and times you are given.

Test Day Schedule

Sign In

You must sign in at the test site at least 30 minutes before the start time. When you sign in, you will be asked to present your primary identification. Your name, photo and signature on your primary ID must match the information on your application form and secondary ID.

Group Test

Listening – 45 minutes

Listen to interactions between nurses and patients, family members and other professionals and answer multiple choice questions.

The listening assessment is a response to five video scenarios in various settings, such as a hospital, home, clinic or medical office, which include interactions between nurses and patients, family members and other professionals. There are also four audio scenarios, such as phone calls and shift-to-shift reports.

Test takers are asked to answer multiple choice questions to demonstrate listening comprehension. In one section of the test, answers must be provided in a chart format where the test taker enters notes from the listening text.


Writing – 30 minutes

Complete a form and write a report similar to those required in nursing practice.

The writing assessment includes two sections:

Task 1: Filling out a form based on a video scenario (10 minutes).

Scoring criteria:

  • Correct spelling
  • Legibility
  • How well the information is recorded in point form
  • Whether or not all the necessary information has been included

Task 2: Writing a report based on information provided (20 minutes).

  • Scoring criteria:
  • Effectiveness
  • Grammatical accuracy
  • Fluency
  • Appropriate vocabulary


Reading – 50 minutes

Read or scan charts, patient notes, manuals and information texts related to health issues and answer comprehension questions.

The reading assessment includes two sections:

1.        Skimming and scanning (10 minutes)

2.        Reading comprehension (40 minutes)

You will be given various text formats – such as charts, patient notes, manuals and short articles related to health issues – and asked to answer questions. Question types include:

  • Short answer questions (skimming and scanning)
  • Multiple choice (reading comprehension)
  • Fill-in-the-blanks (cloze exercise)


Speaking – 30 minutes

Answer questions about yourself, your work experience and perspectives and complete two role plays with two certified CELBAN assessors.

The speaking assessment includes an oral interview and two role plays. Two assessors carry out the assessment. During the role plays the candidate is asked to interact with the standardized patient (one of the assessors) by asking questions to obtain information, and to give instructions and offer explanations. During the role play, candidates are also asked to answer questions to demonstrate their ability to narrate, describe, summarize, synthesize state and support opinion, and advice.
Criteria for scoring:

  • Intelligibility
  • Organization
  • Fluency
  • Cohesiveness
  • Adequacy of vocabulary
  • Grammatical accuracy
  • Use of communication strategies

The speaking assessment is recorded for future reference to verify your score, if needed.



 The students have to score in Listening-10 bands (92% Out of 84 questions, they have a chance of making 5-6 mistakes.) Reading- 8 bands, Writing 7 bands and Speaking 8 bands. Listening is a bit challenging, still most students are able to pass the test in the first chance.


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